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"There’s probably no better source for wannabe entrepreneurs than Inc., as Amacom recognizes by publishing this compendium of great business advice from the magazine’s reporters and writers. Plenty of case histories, from Rent the Runway and Slack to Warby Parker and Spanx, infuse readers with enthusiasm. The colloquial writing is filled with quotes, tips, and a few Q&As with well-known leaders (the late Steve Jobs, for one). The advice tends to be somewhat contrarian, as in the cases for and against a formal business plan. Most useful to seasoned as well as novice company founders is a very practical set of seven steps for entrepreneurs: come up with a brilliant idea, select the best strategy and structure, figure out funding, get the word out, dig deep to discover customers’ wants and needs, become an exceptional leader, and prepare to go global. The book also describes the five attributes an exceptional leader must have, then details exactly what acquiring them involves. This is a great first alternative to Michael Porter and Harvard Business Review publications and a lot more accessible."
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Articles by Colleen DeBaise

This Fintech Entrepreneur Is Banking on Disaster. Literally. 
The looming spectre of a student debt crisis gets Kelly Peeler out of bed every morning. It also inspired her company.

This Landscape Architect Is Committed to Saving Coastal Communities
Jennifer Bolstad of Local Office Landscape & Urban Design is taking on the challenge of rising sea levels.

Meet the Abortion Clinic Owner Who Took on Texas
For Amy Hagstrom Miller, providing high-quality reproductive care to women is a mission.

This Former Military Officer Is Teaching Young Girls to Be Confident
Girl Smarts founder Dianna Flett hopes her leadership workshop series will empower elementary school girls.

For Those In Need of Shelter, This Arizona Entrepreneur Has a Solution
Angie Lozano started Angie's House to help the less fortunate find affordable housing and rebuild their lives.

How School-Lunch Trash Inspired Two Moms to Start an Eco-Cool Business
Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton co-founded U Konserve to reduce plastic use and help keep it out of the oceans.

These Phoenix Sisters Launched a $25 Million Eco-Chic Business
Ann and Jenny Siner's "cute, clean and current" consignment shops keep used items out of the trash.

This 6-Horse Startup Helps Kids With Special Needs
Chelsea Harden's The H.E.A.R.T. Center offers therapeutic riding lessons to children with physical, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Meet the New Jersey Mom Granting Foster Kids’ Wishes
Danielle Gletow created One Simple Wish to bring joy to America’s invisible children.

The Unusual Item That Inspired This Science Entrepreneur’s Career Path
Like many young women, Tish Scolnik initially rejected engineering as “nerdy.” Now she’s running a social enterprise that designs wheelchairs for rough terrains.

This Philadelphia Entrepreneur is Helping Fix a Broken Food System
How Tatiana Garcia-Granados’ nonprofit enterprise, The Common Market, is bringing healthful food to low-income communities and lifting local farmers' livelihoods.

How ‘Orange is the New Black’ Inspired This Luxury T-Shirt Company
At Road Twenty-Two, founded by Iranian immigrant Fif Ghobadian in San Francisco, women who served time in prison get a second chance.

Meet the Women Who Teach Financial Skills to the Homeless
Anita Saville and Kathy Brough formed Budget Buddies to help homeless women lift themselves out of poverty.

This Resilient Entrepreneur Built a $20 Million Business After Painful Misfortune
Angelica Garcia-Dunn's personal life took a terrible hit. Instead of becoming bitter or giving up, she decided to shake up the Texas freight industry.

10 Expert Tips for Growing Your Business
For our final "Secrets of Growth" column, we ask our know-it-alls to explain how to become a successful startup.

Secrets of Growth: How to Make Sure Cash Reigns Supreme
Our experts provide tips for overcoming your startup's money hurdles.

Secrets of Growth: How to Hire the Best
Our panel of experts offers advice on how to compete for top talent.

Secrets of Growth: How to Be an Expert
Our wise panel provides tips on becoming a sought-after authority in your field.

Secrets of Growth: How Do I Develop My Product?
The seasoned pros on our panel solve your biggest startup challenges.

Secrets of Growth: Offering Top-Notch Customer Service, on a Budget
Our wise experts offer tips for conquering your biggest startup challenges.

Secrets of Growth: How to Build Brand Awareness
Our team of experts provide tips for conquering your biggest startup challenges.

Making Hollywood Less Sexist, One Crowd Scene at a Time
Madeline Di Nonno of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media talks about pervasive stereotyping -- and how to fix it.

Hey Hollywood: Where Are the Women?
Look closely at the lead characters in this year's Best Picture nominated films. From snipers to physicists, they're all men.

Investigating Hollywood’s ‘Celluloid Ceiling’
Prominent researcher Martha Lauzen talks about the lack of opportunities for women in film -- and explains why change is so slow.

Why Hollywood’s Gender Gap Exists, and How to Fix It
Women in TV or film are a lot like their counterparts in Silicon Valley: No one wants to take a chance on them.

A Film Inspired by Female Coffee Producers in Costa Rica
In a "A Small Section of the World," director Lesley Chilcott spotlights women who spark a revolution in the coffee world.

Deciding There’s Nothing Wrong With a Lifestyle Business
Anne Dowling of Breckenridge, Colo., runs a pair of wine and cheese shops -- and gets some good skiing in on powder days.

Lori Hoberman Starts Her Own Law Firm, Incubator
A New York lawyer popular with entrepreneurs becomes one herself.

Why We Care About Women in Tech
We'll see more innovation when the female perspective is present. That's good for society and the economy.

A Young Woman to Watch
As part of our series with the New York Times, we profile Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper.

How Danae Ringelmann Came Up With Indiegogo
The San Francisco native says she was inspired by her small-business-owner parents to create the crowdfunding platform.

How a Free Spirit Landed Corporate Contracts
As part of our continuing series with the New York Times, we profile Kristine Jones of New England Flagger Services

When It Takes a Woman to Design Products for Women
Scientist Amy Sheng of CellScope is designing a device to help moms diagnose kids' ear infections.

Discouraged in School But Thriving as Tech Entrepreneur
AP Computer Science nearly derailed Melody McCloskey's career in tech. Today she's running StyleSeat in San Francisco.

After a Disaster, a Winery Starts Anew
Delia Viader finds a better business model after losing her 2003 vintage in a warehouse fire.

Prepared for a Male-Dominated World
Shaan Kandawalla pushed gender norms in her native Pakistan. Now, she's ready to take on the U.S. tech scene.

Get Over It: That Negative Voice Inside Your Head
Many women say their top business challenge is dealing with self-doubt. Our panel offers tips.

Deciding to Join the Family Business. Sort of.
Elizabeth Rees, whose family owns a printing company, finds her own path with Chasing Paper.

The Lost Art of Sewing
As part of our continuing series with the New York Times, we profile homespun designer Jan Erickson of Janska.

Learning the ABCs of Corporate Contracts
Kristine Jones, who provides "flaggers" to manage traffic at work sites, figured out a way to land big utility companies as clients.

Get Over It: Your Lack of Patience
Want everything to happen yesterday? Our experts provide tips on how to hurry up and wait.

Get Over It: Your Lonely Business Slump
Our panel of experts provides tips on what to do when business isn't so great.

Sabina Hitchen on the Business of Building Buzz
The co-founder of Tin Shingle talks about what makes her tick and provides tips for “brand storytelling.”

Why Male Investors Should ‘Get’ Women-Led Companies
With more female entrepreneurs reporting strong numbers, VCs and angels would be wise to back their startups.

Get Over It: That Fear of ‘Making the Ask’
Women often have trouble asking for more opportunities or money. Our panel provides advice.

Get Over It: Being an Introvert
Can you succeed in business if networking or sales calls give you nightmares? Our panel says yes.

A Fashion Brand Keeps Its Sewing in the US
Jan Erickson of Janska is trying a lean manufacturing strategy to produce her American-made apparel.

Get Over It: That Terrible Inability to Focus
Our fearless panel provides their best tips for keeping your eye on the prize.

Get Over It: Fear of Failure
Our team of experts provide tips for conquering your biggest personal startup challenges.

Inspiring Girls to Be Tech Entrepreneurs
A new program aims to catch young women before they’re dissuaded from the STEM fields.

Meet the 25-Year-Old Powerhouse Behind Malala Fund
Shiza Shahid quit her corporate job to become an advocate for girls' education.

From Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur
In today’s New York Times, Kimberly Dobbins tells us how she quit her day job and launched a snack-bar company.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Be Satisfied
In our continuing series with the New York Times, we talk to Pat Law of Singapore. “Know that you can do better,” she says.

The Flip Side of Fearlessness
In our continuing series with the New York Times, we look at what happens when you take a chance -- and something goes wrong.

Plum Alley: Connecting Women With Money
Women’s ventures are often underfunded. Deborah Jackson’s crowdfunding platform is trying to change that.

Why We Care About Female Chefs
In our continuing series with the New York Times, we look at women in the kitchen.

The Challenges of Starting an Urban Winery
Forget rain or bugs. Lysanne Tusar, who makes wine in Hong Kong, has landlord issues.

The Long Journey to Market for an All-Natural Snack Bar
Seven years after a corporate sabbatical inspired Simple Squares, Kimberly Dobbins is close to turning a profit.

Who’s Better in Business — Men or Women?
A revealing question in a new report underscores the bias that female entrepreneurs encounter.

A Social Media Agency Takes an Edgy Approach
Pat Law of Goodstuph makes it a habit to be "badass." This summer, she's opening a bar.

From Dishwasher to Head Chef
Ana Sortun, who owns three restaurants in greater Boston, discusses her rise in the kitchen.

A Woman in the Kitchen
Chef Jody Adams counts Julia Child as her mentor. She talks about rising to the top of the male-dominated restaurant business.

Meet 10 Young Women to Watch in 2014
The Story Exchange’s first-ever list of promising young female entrepreneurs shows a generation that is blowing through barriers.

After Runaway Success, a Green Entrepreneur Starts Again
Jen Boulden, who sold her first company to Disney, is back with an eco-friendly video channel, JenB TV.

Women Make Millions of Dollars in Trucks, Tractors
The Women Presidents’ Organization annual ranking of fastest-growing women-led companies shows gains in non-traditional fields.

Growing Carol’s Daughter in a Brooklyn Kitchen
Beauty entrepreneur Lisa Price talks about startup up, superstar backers and other secrets of success.

Jimmy Beans Getting Back to Knitting Basics
After expanding too quickly, Laura Zander is re-focusing on getting customers excited about her yarn shop.

Starting a Pickle Company From Scratch
Jenny Fulton of Miss Jenny’s Pickles talks about exporting to China, her role model Sara Blakely and why she gets everything in writing.

How Obamacare Helped 3 Small-Business Owners
Despite the bungled rollout, these women say they’ve found affordable coverage.

‘Just Believe in Yourself. Magic Happens’
Sheela Murthy, an Indian immigrant, talks about how she started one of the world’s most visited law sites and how an early role model shaped her career.

A Tech Entrepreneur’s No. 1 Tip for Success: Deliver
Jeanette Prenger of ECCO Select talks about winning her first client, being inspired by her immigrant mother and more.

Military Mom’s ‘KinderJam’ Program Inspired by Autistic Son
El Brown, a teacher by training, developed classes that emphasize individual learning. She’s expanded to 15 states and 10 countries.

Dog Food So Good You Could Eat It…Literally
Lucy Postins sells 'human-grade' pet food, meaning you could grab a spoon and eat it with your pooch.

Digging Out of a Sales Rut
Xiaoning Wang of ChinaSprout is working to turnaround her educational-products company.

A Money Gap for India’s Female Entrepreneurs
A new report hopes to shed a light on the sizable financing gap for women entrepreneurs in India.

For an Entrepreneur Trained in Conflict Resolution, Business is Good
Alma Jadallah seeks to broker peace between Middle Eastern communities in a post-Arab Spring world.

The ‘Rain Woman’ Behind a Digital Detective Agency
Alison Chung has parlayed a phenomenal gift for numbers into a computer forensics firm.

A Scrappy Real Estate Broker Stakes Her Business on Flat Fees
Ati Okelo Williams, the owner of DC Home Buzz, a real estate agency in Washington, D.C., says she is not used to feeling fearful.

Two Prominent Women Investors Start VC Firm
Here’s something you don’t hear out of Silicon Valley that often: Two women are starting their own venture-capital firm.

What the President Said About Women…
Last night, President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address, pledging to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

Women Entrepreneurs Are Pretty Happy – Here’s Why
Now here’s good news: Women entrepreneurs are among the happiest people in the world.

Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess
Entrepreneur Traci Phillips of Natural Evolution is in the business of preserving Mother Earth.

Turning Body Parts Into a Business
Judi Henderson-Townsend of Oakland, Calif., has been selling, renting and recycling mannequins for nearly 15 years. This year, she hopes to achieve an elusive goal: Become a million-dollar business.

5 Reasons Why 2013 Was Good for Women in Politics
There’s still a gender gap when it comes to positions of power. But 2013 was a notable year for women in politics, in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Recalling a Christmas Spent with a Start-Up
Becky O’Neil of Arlington, Va., remembers her first Christmas as an entrepreneur: She worked the entire day.

Infusing a Business With a Global Spirit
As part of our continuing series with The New York Times, today we feature a video and article on Adriana Rodriguez, a bootstrapping entrepreneur from Austin, Texas, who decided to sell her family’s home when her startup, a bilingual school, needed cash.

A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur Bets the Family Home
Adriana Rodriguez, an Austin mom of two, needed more cash flow after she launched a bilingual school.

How a Car Accident Inspired an Entrepreneur to Think Big
Felena Hanson of San Diego vowed to make an impact after a near-fatal wreck. She’s opened Hera Hub, a coworking space that aims to push women-owned businesses to the next level.

The Fuss Over Women Bosses
A look at a recent Gallup poll’s surprising findings, what it suggests and why female leaders might offer more job security.

A Blockbuster Lesson: Why Pivoting Is Important
The one-time king of video stores is closing up shop. How nimble entrepreneurs can avoid Blockbuster’s fate.

Good Year for Female Mayors, ‘Lady Parts’
Across the country, women are headed to City Hall, while female voters turn down efforts by abortion foes to take office.

Immigration Reform: It’s Not Dead After All
Comprehensive overhaul could benefit immigrant women, who are starting businesses at a rate higher than native-born women.

25 Years Since Women Needed a Male Co-Signer
The 1988 law addressed a number of barriers to women at that time.

How Much Do Women Business Owners Make?
A recent report says it pays to be an entrepreneur — though women still aren’t at the same level as men.

The Upside of Twitter’s Boy Club: More Focus on Women
If there’s a bright spot in the recent kerfuffle, it’s that the list of qualified women is longer than ever.

Effects of Shutdown Felt at NAWBO Conference
The SBA was a no-show and female government contractors expressed concerns the stalemate could hurt business.

Five Sources of Money for Your Startup
After some bumpy years, there are more sources of funding than ever for small businesses. Here’s where to look.

MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg on Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success
Sure, she may look put together. But juggling work, family and entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Ramberg, the host of small-business program Your Business, offers practical tips.