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"There’s probably no better source for wannabe entrepreneurs than Inc., as Amacom recognizes by publishing this compendium of great business advice from the magazine’s reporters and writers. Plenty of case histories, from Rent the Runway and Slack to Warby Parker and Spanx, infuse readers with enthusiasm. The colloquial writing is filled with quotes, tips, and a few Q&As with well-known leaders (the late Steve Jobs, for one). The advice tends to be somewhat contrarian, as in the cases for and against a formal business plan. Most useful to seasoned as well as novice company founders is a very practical set of seven steps for entrepreneurs: come up with a brilliant idea, select the best strategy and structure, figure out funding, get the word out, dig deep to discover customers’ wants and needs, become an exceptional leader, and prepare to go global. The book also describes the five attributes an exceptional leader must have, then details exactly what acquiring them involves. This is a great first alternative to Michael Porter and Harvard Business Review publications and a lot more accessible."
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Articles by Colleen DeBaise

As Anxiety Rates Soar, More Startups Promise a Way to Chill
Call it "anxiety tech." From devices that help us breathe to software that mimics psychedelic trips, entrepreneurs aim to fix what ails us most.

At the Best New Restaurant in America, Healing Is Part of the Experience
Yes, the food is delicious. But Dana Thompson, co-owner of Indigenous eatery Owamni, believes ancestral foods have the power to do more.

Why Investor-Backed Startups Are (Finally) Tackling the $600 Billion Menopause Market
There's a sea change happening in women's wellness, with startups like Womaness, Kindra and Joylux focusing on older women's needs.

A Leader in Seaweed Talks Kelp, 2023’s Hottest Superfood
Briana Warner of Atlantic Sea Farms says consumers are digging umami-rich, nutrient-packed kelp – and it's good for the planet, too.